When choosing a laptop computer for self

Choosing a laptop for home.


How to choose a laptop based on the parameters. Common mistakes when choosing a notebook. Picking a good laptop can be overwhelming. In the store, the buyer is faced with a large price range from a large number of manufacturers. Sometimes notebook PC specification descriptions are only encouraging. In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose the right laptop for your home and what you need to pay attention to common questions about laptops.

When choosing a laptop computer, consumers are faced with a long list of processor, memory, storage devices, and screen resolutions և Ports: Interfaces. And try to find all these names: Pavilion, Inspiron, XPS, Latitude, etc. In this regard, many buy a cheap laptop or laptop that looks good, or they leave the store without a laptop, and continue to work with the pen. Calculator, laptop. So how do you choose the right laptop for your home?

1. Select how much you want to spend on a laptop

A full-fledged laptop from a good manufacturer costs about 20,000 rubles. Provided you don’t plan to run the required games on the hardware, the computing power of this PC will be enough for your home and office.

An inexpensive laptop can be purchased for 10,000 rubles. A small, low-power computer would be suitable for surfing and writing.

A good gaming laptop costs 50,000 rubles. These computers are equipped with a powerful processor, lots of RAM, and a powerful graphics card.

Apple laptops are slightly more expensive than computers from other manufacturers. The high price is not only due to Apple’s greed in the market. Apple laptops are reliable, comfortable, and well-sold. One of the disadvantages of the MacBook is the relatively lack of software.

2- Decide how important mobile computer mobility is to you

The portability of your laptop depends on its weight and size. If you plan to move your laptop frequently, pay attention to the 13-inch screen on the metal laptops. You may need a laptop battery.

For frequent business travelers, the MacBook Pro, or one of its thinnest laptops, is 10mm thick. However, these piercing powers do not last long on battery power; It is difficult to fit a good battery in such a device.

3. Select the layout

In this case, design means weight, thickness, screen size, and keyboard: touch features. Special attention should be paid to the keyboard. It should be appropriate, especially if you write a lot.

This includes the look of the laptop, the material of the case, the thickness of the screen, and many other features of the device.


Frequently asked questions

Which is better, Windows or Mac OS?
The Windows operating system is installed on the vast majority of computers. They are reliable and comfortable: so there is a large selection of programs. The stores have a large variety of Windows laptops for every taste: color. There are 8,000 laptops for Windows, 150 there are 150,000 rubles. Windows is for those who like to browse the settings – clear the registry. In addition, this operating system can work great with a touch screen, and it installs on laptops in one of two. Windows is believed to be much easier for beginners.

Mac OS is very similar to Windows. It is no less reliable and convenient. Disadvantages include a higher initial price for less software than Apple computers. Macintosh computers use good design and high-quality build performance. Also, Mac OS is the most secure operating system as you are less likely to contract any virus from a USB drive.

What about Chrome OS?
Not long ago, Chrome OS laptops were very limited, and low-cost computers that needed an internet connection to work. All work done on this computer was done in online web applications. All data is also stored online in Google Cloud.

The third and fourth generation Chromebooks have hit the market. Their functions have been greatly expanded. However, most of the work on these computers is still done on the Internet. Chromebooks are completely useless to work with other required graphics applications.


What ports do you need?
In any case, you will need a standard USB. Without USB, you cannot see the flash drive or charge the phone. Many modern laptops are equipped with a new USB-C port, which is smaller, faster and more convenient than regular USB.

If you plan to connect your laptop to a TV or second screen, you will need an HDMI port. Fewer laptops are equipped with an Ethernet port and an SD card slot. Ethernet is replacing Wi-Fi, you can get a card reader to read SD cards.

Lots of people are thinking of buying a laptop. The best way to buy a laptop depends on what it might be needed for. If you only need a mobile device to work with documents, then filling it can be easier. If the main goal is games, then in this case we have to carefully pull everything off.

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