Unique best way to make money without doing anything

Selling education as a passive income source

The Internet has countless resources for those who want to learn. Many new areas can be proposed that do not necessarily need to be mastered in schools. It could be anything, too. As a result, you actually have something to share and you can make money from it.


Use public platforms to sell education online

This app is not new, many designers have been around for a while. For those of you who don’t have site building skills like WordPress, these platforms are an ideal alternative. These are platforms with ready-to-use tools that are more or less efficient. Profitability can depend on many things.

You must work by posting training videos or making educational content available to Internet users. Then, she will sell the educational software she prepares herself based on her interests and relevance. You will definitely need to make some updates to your courses in the future. However, the job won’t be as boring as you need to do when starting out for the first time.

Some of the platforms by which you can start selling training online are:

  • 1tpego
  • Wp member
  • Improve the press
  • Learnybox
  • Reachable
  • Stomacher
  • Bodia

Create your own education sales site

To start with, this is the method that requires the most work and investment. However, once this solution is properly implemented, it is more profitable than popular platforms. You can set your own rules, you will not be paid directly by commission. You can really style anything from the ground up. But first you have to learn more skills. Or why not build a real team?

Use your artistic talents

Earn money without doing anything thanks to your skills. This option is a bit like the idea of ​​selling education online. However, it is more about selling artistic creations. Topics that you can draw inspiration from are wide. This can change from nature to sport, through important events and even animal life.


Selling photos can generate revenue

Living with your passion is a dream of many people. You feel like you are working while doing something you really love. If you have developed a skill for photography, you can sell photos of your creations. There are actually several sites that can make it easy for you to sell your photos.

You can take into account the profitability of the following sites to determine your selection:

  • Photofolia
  • Shutterstock
  • Pixabay
  • Dream time
  • iStockphoto

These different image banks do not apply the same rates for reselling your photos. However, once delivered, you only have to wait. Of course, not everything may work at once. You need to find “something” that separates the two of you.


Sell ​​videos to diversify income sources

As with photos, the videos can be sold online. In most cases, this happens on websites that sell images. The principle remains the same: you should post videos on these platforms that are likely to grab visitors’ attention.

Investing in the stock market to generate passive income

It is really possible to earn income by investing in the stock market. This area is a little complicated for a true beginner. First of all, you must understand from the start that it is a risky activity. It’s not scary, but losing everything is really possible. But if you become a professional in this field it is quite possible for a large investor to earn a living and more.

Where does the stock market start?
Online exchanges and brokers have evolved for several years. Thanks to technology, speculation is open to everyone. But above all, it is very important that you train in order to truly thrive in this field. Income is not fixed if you want to trade for fun now and then. In the stock market, everything is in place with patience, work and time. Therefore, you should start by learning all the basics of trading before investing.

You can turn to online education to get a deeper understanding of how an exchange works. Many professional traders provide education (for a fee) about everything you need to know before investing in the stock market. An abbreviation that saves you the risks of trial and error.

Invest long-term in the stock market
Once you really get into it, you will realize that there are many ways to trade. However, for someone who doesn’t want to do anything, it makes sense to invest in assets that make money in the long run. It is also less prone to fluctuations over time. However, you should always get used to the idea that there are always risks to be managed in this area. So, you’ll always see advice that encourages you to invest only the money you don’t need.

Choose the right broker to invest in the stock exchange
Investing in the stock market has become very easy thanks to the internet. This does not mean that you should be in a hurry to reach the first broker you come across. It is always recommended to check brokers’ credibility, their rate of return, and the margins they apply. Good brokers can also provide you with powerful tools to perform all necessary analyzes.

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