Opening an online shop – a good idea?

Basically, opening an online shop is always a good idea, provided you pay attention to a few basic aspects. Actually, it has never been easier to get into the eCommerce business than it is today, the demand for online shopping is increasing. Why? We live in a time when time equals money, everything has to be quick and as uncomplicated and simple as possible. If you need something, you no longer spend hours on the street, but look for products on the Internet.

With just a few clicks, the shopping cart is filled and an order is completed. The payment options are also always adapted to customer needs and have become largely secure over the years. Anyone who enters the online business now and opens an online shop has a good chance of making a living from it in the long term. We would now like to show you the most important “rules” for setting up an online shop, so that you, as an online shop operator, have the opportunity to start your business properly.

From the idea to the implementation – open an online shop with a concept!

Starting your own company is often associated with a lot of effort. Most companies have a well thought-out concept. And you too should think about your goals with an online shop, because nothing works here without a plan. You certainly already have a product that you would like to sell online or have found various partners who equip you with the products. Of course, it doesn’t work without cooperation, unless you produce what you want to sell in your own four walls. If the contracts stand for various cooperation’s and partnerships, you can continue with your concept planning. Perhaps you have already come up with a name and thought about the structure, structure, design or color management for your online shop. Anyone who is familiar with these things can start here. If you are unable to set up your own online shop, the best you can do is seek professional help. Here, however, you would have to invest your first euros.

Open the online shop and plan the structure for the long term

Plan the structure of your online shop very early on in your concept. Create the navigation structure with foresight, even if you do not have that many products and categories to offer at the beginning. These should always be geared towards the user, and kept accordingly logical and short. Unfortunately there are still numerous online shops in which no structure is recognizable and navigation is lacking. This is mostly due to the fact that more and more categories are added as an online shop is built and grown. Usually double categories are then developed, the customer is confused and has to click through to the product forever. So while creating the online stores, keep a relatively large picture in mind and ask yourself where you are going.

Online shops do not open without a merchandise management system

Very few consider the importance of a good inventory control system, which of course costs a little money at first. Do not underestimate the expense of bookkeeping and inventory management, even if it will be quite manageable at the beginning. If sales increase, so does the effort involved and many people quickly lose track of things in these phases. You won’t believe it, but many online shops already fail because of proper warehouse and bookkeeping. So deal with good software in advance.

Do you need SEO when opening an online shop?

Necessarily! You should also deal with the search engines and have a little knowledge of SEO in the course of establishing the online shop. Many online shops also neglect this topic. You don’t have to be an SEO professional, but you should be familiar with the basics. Especially in the early stages, you will not have that much money to properly deal with advertising. So you have to generate most of the traffic via the search engines. So that your online shop can be found on Google and other search engines as quickly as possible, it needs a basic SEO basis.

Set up an online shop and work with speed on shipping

Basically, a package should be with the customer within 1 – 2 days after ordering. Anything else will keep the customer from buying from you again the next time they make a purchase. Usually it is the large mail order companies whose deliveries take up to 6 working days and are then also incomplete. Of course it’s not that easy, but if you manage to do it, you will achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and generate repeat customers. By the way: Amazon is already testing the same-day delivery option – ordered in the morning, delivered the same day. This is what customers expect!

Payment methods when setting up an online shop

As you can certainly see, various online shops all offer different payment methods. Basically, the choice of the right means of payment depends on the target group. The popular standards, such as prepayment or PayPal, should also be integrated with you if possible. Many sales portals lose money due to the lack of payment methods. So first analyze your target group and then decide on the right payment methods. For example, if you sell to the middle and upper classes, i.e. to people with high incomes, you should introduce credit card accounting. Risky, yet popular: purchase on account!

HTML & CSS basics for an online shop?
Of course, various web design agencies can set up the online shop so that it can be operated turnkey. And yet you will want to change little things in your design over and over again. You should have various basics in this area if you want to set up an online shop. So you don’t have to contact your programmer for every little thing.

The customer is king!
Actually, this saying applies in pretty much all industries – but it should also be heeded here in an online shop. The customer expects a certain level of service, don’t forget that the customer could always shop elsewhere. Offer something that your competition may not be able to offer. For example, it can be an easily accessible and simple returns process. Goodwill also plays a role and customers also appreciate that. So when you open an online shop, always think customer-oriented and try to offer them your best.

Create product images yourself
You want to set up an online shop and therefore have to take care of suitable product images. Some manufacturers or suppliers offer these for download, which shop operators may use. Note, however, that others can use these images as well. Therefore, it makes sense to have your own product images made. This will set you apart from other operators and make you more personable. Of course, that costs a little time and money, but such little things can be worthwhile.

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