Open a pastry shop | This is how you can fulfill your lifelong dream

There are many people who enjoy baking and decorating artistic cakes and other pretty delicacies and who would like to turn this passion into their profession. The dream of opening your own pastry shop is widespread. The bad news, however, is that skill alone is not enough to set up a self-employed pastry chef. The confectioner is one of the professions that require authorization and requires appropriate training. Anyone wanting to set up their own business must also meet a few other requirements. You can find out what exactly this is and what else you need to know in this article on the topic of opening a pastry shop .

Opening a pastry shop without a master craftsman’s certificate – is that possible?

The question that burns under the nails of most (hobby) confectioners is that of the master’s duty. Is it true that you can only open a pastry shop if you are a master baker or master confectioner?

The answer is yes and no. In principle, you can realize your dream of your own pastry shop the fastest if you have a master craftsman’s certificate and thus have the necessary professional experience. But there are also certain loopholes that allow confectioners to start their own business.


Info : Those who do not have the appropriate training and therefore cannot call themselves a confectioner will usually not receive a business license. Opening a pastry shop is therefore not possible.

The mentioned loopholes for pastry chefs without a master craftsman’s certificate are specifically these two:

  • You are hiring a foreman as operations manager
  • You are applying for a right to exercise

The second point is an absolute exception. That means: Not every confectioner who wants to open his own confectionery automatically receives the required license to practice. It is therefore advisable not to rely too much on this route, but rather to regard it as a last option.

Further requirements for opening your own pastry shop

Master or not – every confectioner who wants to become self-employed with his trade has to present a health certificate confirming that he is medically and hygienically suitable for the practice of this profession.

In addition, pastry chefs who have so far had little contact with business processes in the company are recommended to complete a corresponding start-up course. You can find corresponding offers at the IHK, among others.

Basically, confectioners should bring these qualities with them if they want to be successful in their profession:

  • exercise capacity
  • Stress resistance
  • creativity
  • creative talent
  • fantasy
  • good taste
  • Experimentation
  • good memory

Stand out from the crowd with quality and creativity

The pastry profession can look back on a long tradition. Accordingly, it will be difficult to start your business in a region where there is no competition. If you want to open your own pastry shop, you should always bear in mind that you will never be the only supplier of artistic and tasty cakes and tarts.

So it makes sense to start thinking about how to effectively stand out from the crowd as early as possible. Our tip: Rely on quality and creativity. Because there are now so many suppliers, your pastry shop should inspire you from day one and make it clear to the customer: “With us you get baked goods at a particularly high level.”

Both in terms of taste and appearance, your products should be impeccable and ensure that you are recommended and talked about. That way, you can make a name for yourself in a relatively short amount of time.

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to specialize in particularly elaborate motto cakes, which are decorated with artful sculptures and are a real eye-catcher. In small towns in particular, such an orientation has the potential to arouse media interest – which in turn would be a blessing for your young company.

A professional concept as a guide for your pastry shop
In order not to leave anything to chance, it makes sense to think about the concept of your pastry shop before setting up. Be as specific as possible here and do not ignore any seeming minor details. The broader and more detailed your concept, the more often you can consult it like a cheat sheet.

The content of your concept should include the following points:

  • target group
  • Addressing the target group
  • range
  • specialization
  • Equipment of the pastry shop
  • additional offer (e.g. a small cafĂ©)
  • Corporate identity
  • Marketing strategies
  • Workwear
  • unique selling point

Special feature (e.g. everything is handcrafted)

When you have thought about all of these and other individual aspects, you ultimately have a comprehensive document that will be helpful to you in a wide variety of situations. It will help you stay on your course and not be distracted by various trends and temptations. Ultimately, it is continuity and reliability that convince customers in the case of a pastry shop. On the other hand, erratic behavior and too much spontaneity are less popular with buyers.

Which legal form for a pastry shop?

Before you can open a pastry shop, you have to decide on a legal form. This has an influence on the future organizational structure of your company and many other areas.

Founders of a pastry shop often choose one of these legal forms:

  • one-man business
  • GbR
  • GmbH
  • UG (limited liability)
How much start-up capital is required for a pastry shop?

When you have decided on a legal form, have developed a comprehensive concept and also meet all the requirements for your own pastry shop, it is high time to deal with the unpleasant topic of finance. First of all: if you want to fulfill your dream of your own confectionery, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Some of the factors that generate the most costs include:

  • Room rental
  • Energy costs
  • Purchase of goods
  • Work materials and machines
  • staff
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

How much money you will need, of course, cannot be said in general terms. However, it is only advantageous if you have around 20,000 euros on the high edge and can invest it in your business.

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