Open a flower shop | What to pay attention to?

There is no question that flowers are liked by almost everyone and are usually an expression of a celebratory occasion. Whether for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, a wedding or just to make your dear wife happy – flowers are always a sign of appreciation, love, hope, life and happiness. Yes, flowers make our lives more beautiful, they decorate our gardens, apartments or the dreary office and they trigger various happiness hormones in us. No wonder, because flowers smell of nature, summer and wellness.

Anyone who feels connected to these statements may have thought about setting up their own flower shop. After all, you then have to deal with different types of flowers all day, enjoy the smells and diversity and earn money at the same time. But as it is today, there is more to independence than just enjoying flowers. And so you should definitely consider the following aspects before opening your own flower shop.

Keep an eye on the competition

There is no question that there are customers for flowers. After all, flowers are bought generously for all occasions. Germans in particular love flowers at weddings, funerals or as souvenirs for relatives. And yet you have to be aware of the competition, after all, the prices in your own flower shop have to be slightly higher than those who sell flowers in the hardware store as a sideline. And it is precisely these who are probably the biggest competitor, because all hardware stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and discounters now offer flowers. The difference to these and your own flower shop must therefore be clearly visible.

Position with your own flower shop

In the hardware store you will not really come across flower lovers, rather you will meet the stressed salesman there who has just sold paint and varnish to another customer. But they convince with competent advice and excellent services that clearly compete with the mass trade of flowers. At best, you have a wide range of floristic knowledge and pass on the love and passion to your customers. This is the only way you can build the regular customers with your flower shop that you absolutely need to stand out from the crowd.

Requirements for starting your own flower shop

Would you like to open a flower shop and are now wondering whether you will even bring what you need? Before you start writing a detailed business plan, check your basic requirements.

Probably the most important basic requirement is that you have the necessary specialist knowledge in the field of floristry. Ideally, this would require a completed training as a florist. But you can also do without it, if you are willing to undertake further training yourself. Before starting the calculation in your business plan, aspects such as the choice of location, the market conditions and the target groups should be carefully examined. It makes no sense to open your flower shop next to a large flower shop. On the other hand, locations whose synergy effects you can use make more sense, i.e. near a hospital, a funeral home or an event agency.

Choosing the right flower shop

Whether you want to open a small stationery or a flower shop, two different pairs of boots are when it comes to choosing the right space. The shop and the retail space must be large enough to be able to present the flowers as appealingly and lavishly as possible. The shop should not be smaller than 80 and at least 120 square meters. Also consider the exterior surface. You must be allowed to set up the flowers outside if the weather conditions allow. If the property was finally rented, a business registration with the responsible municipality is of course mandatory. The tax office also wants to be informed and you have to wait for a trade license and tax number. Only then are you allowed to open the flower shop.

Important : A sales tax rate of seven percent applies to flowers or flower arrangements. If additional vases or decorative items are sold, these must be charged at 19 percent. If you are unsure about this, you should consult a tax advisor.

Find your unique selling proposition

Flower shops are not all the same, often certain flowers cannot be found in many shops. Either because they are too expensive to buy or too sensitive to transport. But this would be a possibility to find your niche, because maybe you have already dealt with very tropical flowers, you can handle sensitive flowers or you are only interested in flowers from the region. It would also be possible to open a flower shop that is only designed for men or that has special offers for corporate customers. Following these considerations, the demand for this niche should of course still be examined.

Advertisement for the flower shop

Online marketing is certainly not the top priority here, because it is difficult to sell your products online. You will also not be able to attract customers to you from tens of kilometers over the Internet. Accordingly, the design of your own website or Facebook page is important for the overall impression, but it does not have to be a priority. But you can have business cards and flyers printed for the opening, because you are now dependent on recommendations via word of mouth.

Work with other companies in the area and have flyers or cards on display at funeral homes or party planners, for example. They can then send the customers directly to you and maybe receive a small commission for it.

Become the best flower seller in the area
You are now active in sales and want to sell your flowers in large numbers as possible. Using various preliminary calculations, you know how many flowers you have to sell every day so that you can cover your costs and make a profit later. To do this, you need to become a good salesperson. You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling your name, your species, and your own passion for plants. Make small talk with the people who come into your store. This is particularly easy, because flowers are always bought for a specific reason, which, of course, you are passionately interested in. Adapt to your customers, don’t tell jokes if your customers have just lost a loved one and want to buy a funeral arrangement from you.

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