How to get privacy in your backyard

Spanish gardens are usually fenced and can be accessed through an entrance courtyard. On the front yard site, an entrance area can be created to create a transitional area between the street and your private space. This is the perfect place to start with the visual elements that will set the tone and consistent aesthetics in your garden. The word veranda originated in Spain and is used to describe a central walled patio of a home. The gardens are seen as open living rooms that are arranged and decorated with art and flowers for decoration. Brick, stone, and pastel stucco walls, walkways, tiled floors, and tiered fountains are at the center of the design. By creating arches at the beginning and end of the paved path, you can introduce the idea of ​​moving between the different rooms.


How to get privacy in your backyard

This can work well for an entrance or narrow side of the house with green fences or walls surrounding the roadway. It is the “garden of paradise” that depicts ancient Iran and is still mentioned in contemporary Spanish styles. Traditionally, these gardens have been divided into four parts, each referring to the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire). This rectangular plan is enriched with focal points that are used to group all elements of the garden together. Each area in the Spanish garden can be thought of as a small garden and connected by walled and tiled paths, steps and terraces. Some parks can offer unique functions.


Botanical gardens on raised beds

Even in modest spaces, well-planned landscaping can include botanical gardens on raised beds, a citrus garden with lemon blossoms, a scented space, and a Moroccan-style space for dining / entertainment. Make it delicious with tile floors and walls, and / or a cozy nap area to soak up the sun or shade. Azulejos tiles are placed on the garden wall decorative features allocating rest areas or recreation areas with functional points

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