How to earn money with Google? the answers

Google has gradually evolved over time. It has a distinguished position among Internet users among search engines. Whatever product or activity you are looking for, you can be sure that it will give you the best results. In addition to answering our questions, Google is also a way to generate additional income. You’ll get paid well if you know how to take advantage of your situation.


Earn money with Google by completing certain tasks

With this search engine, you can choose from different ways to complete the end of the month. You will need to choose the process that is most comfortable for you.


Take advantage of our award-winning Google surveys
Are you good at giving your opinion on anything? So take advantage of your talent. Download our award-winning Google surveys. Thanks to this application, you will participate in many surveys. Before you start, you need to answer some starting questions (your shopping habits, where you have traveled before, etc.). These are routine questions, so don’t worry.

You will be asked to answer a few questions every week. You can charge up to $ 1 per survey. It’s a fairly modest sum, of course, but it’s money that you’ll raise quickly and without worrying too much.

Work by measuring your Google audience

This mission has many similarities to Google Opinion. When you share your opinion, you will be rewarded. As part of this mission, browsing experience, use of your mobile device, etc. You will need to give your impressions of it. You may also need to watch TV frequently. Teams of experts will then analyze the information you share.

In order to participate in these tasks, you will need to share your data with Google. Teams can use your cookies, the sites you used to use, etc. You will need to collect. This is to give you a better impression of your habits.


Using Google Adsense
Do you have a website, blog, or YouTube channel? How about using it to make money in Adsense? This is one way to create a free ad campaign. You will be able to earn money with CPC.

Every time someone clicks on an ad, it will benefit your site. You are free to choose the space reserved for your banner ads. It is necessary to reach a certain limit to earn a profit. For internet users, Adsense is a way to generate recurring income.

Your ads are located in the USA, UK, etc. If you can reach visitors from countries, the profits increase. Their clicks are more profitable than those in tier 3 countries. This is for example Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

Before you can monetize your site with Google Adsense, it is essential that you register for the program. In order to apply, the site must be active for a month.

  • Respecting good practices in society
  • It offers attractive and high-quality content

Your earnings might not be that great when you start out. However, over time, it will grow along with your site.

See affiliate programs
Do you have specific experience such as fashion, travel and a specific sport? Join affiliate programs when you get an interesting flow of visitors. You will need to highlight some items. You will be earning income every time you sell a product.

Earn money by ranking in search engines

Have you noticed that search engines like Google have been developing for a long time? Google, for example, has grown into a responsive engine. Now, no response to internet users’ inquiries appears. He chooses only the most relevant information.

During your assignments, you will be asked whether the information provided by the search engines is really appropriate. These are tasks that are suitable for people who plan to work from home. If you want to grow in this field, offer your services to sites like Appen or Force de pression.

Thanks to search engine evaluators, internet users benefit from a better browsing experience. As part of getting your tasks done, website, apps, etc. You have to decide how relevant it is. You must know how to use new technologies to enter this industry. It is also important to be creative because you will have to perform various research tasks. To better gauge the relevance of the different search engines and platforms, you will need to publish the necessary tools.

It will be necessary to adhere to a very strict protocol. By integrating this sector, you will be able to earn € 12 per hour. Profits may exceed the minimum wage.


Sell: An Efficient Way To Make Money With Google
Do you have a website or blog? Offer specific products to your target audience.



List of books on Google Play
Do you already have a book ready to print? How about listing it on Google Play Book? You will need to submit a really creative book to access this option. This alternative is only available to a limited number of publishers.


Design and sell apps using Google Play
Do you have a great imagination? Can you create native apps? Designing applications that you can provide to Internet users around the world. Before starting, it is important to create a seller account in Google Wallet. For this, the participation fee of $ 25 will have to be paid. It should be noted that this alternative is only available for people over the age of 18.


Offer a service
Are you proficient in a specific area well? How do you want to provide your services? This alternative is especially interesting for people who want to improve their training.

To engage your target audience, offer them a free offer against their email address. For example, you can give them an ebook. Make sure it is fun for your goals. Once you have their email address, you can easily promote your online courses and the products you sell.


Earn money with Google by using specialized sites

Although the concept of the market is mentioned frequently, this concept is difficult to understand. It is a marketplace dedicated to very specific internet users. There are various niche sites. For example, the situation is as follows:

Sites dedicated to lovers of high-end vegetarian pizza
Pallets specializing in restoration of old cars
Permaculture, etc. Blogs for older gardeners who are passionate about their topic.

Various types of niche websites can be created. You just have to use your imagination. In order to generate income from this market, it will be necessary to bring together people of the same affinity in the same location.


How much should you invest?

You will not need to invest a large amount of money. It is entirely possible to start your own business even if you only have a small amount to start with.


Advantages of niche sites

With these platforms, you will be earning recurring income in the long run. You will have to work hard while creating your business. It will become the standard in your field of activity. For this you will need to improve your visibility and your site on Google.


What are the main characteristics of niche sites?

  • To distinguish itself from other competitors, the site must be convenient and have its own personality.
  • You must have a good reputation and reputation to gain authority. Make sure you are a true reference in your field.
  • Make sure you meet the legal standards to gain credibility. For example, your site must allow internet users to pay securely.

Earn money with Google by working in SEO

Work as an SEO consultant
You can earn a really good pay if you have knowledge of SEO. SEO is an ever-evolving area. To get good profits, you only need to offer your services to different companies.

As a consultant, you will need to provide advice to improve the visibility of their site or blog. As a matter of fact, companies will be able to sell their products easily thanks to a good reference. In this regard, they are ready to invest a lot of money.


Partner with Google

This search engine is very open when it comes to remote collaboration. You can apply and work as a developer or engineer. This giant also works with many freelancers. It’s up to you to find the right job for you at this great company. Jobs on Google are usually posted on advertising sites.


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