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Would you like to take care of the well-being of other people and, for example, ensure that events go off safely and smoothly? Then you may already be thinking of starting a security company . This step into self-employment makes perfect sense – because security is required in many areas and constantly. What you should know right from the start: It’s not that easy to set up your own security company. The following article will tell you what you have to pay attention to and what requirements you absolutely have to meet.

Security companies require a business license

Anyone who wants to set up a security company must meet certain requirements. This is also quite logical if you remind yourself that you don’t want your event or house to be monitored by anyone. In order to be able to start a business in this industry, you must present a business license. You will receive this in turn if you submit the following documents to the competent authority:

  • Criminal record certificate
  • extract from the central Register of trade and commerce
  • Proof of age (copy of identity card)
  • Certificate of competence from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Proof of financial resources / liquidity
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office and the health insurance company

Note : What exactly you need to submit in order to obtain a business license for your security company varies from authority to authority. It is therefore extremely useful to inquire in advance what will be needed.

Which legal form for a security company?

Once you have your business license, you can set up your security company without any further hurdles. In the next step it is necessary to think about a suitable legal form. Because only when you have decided on one can you finally register your trade with the trade office.

Legal forms that are suitable for a security company include:

GmbH : In order to be able to set up a GmbH, you must provide evidence of 25,000 euros of share capital. This legal form enjoys a very good reputation and has a very decisive advantage: You are only liable with your business assets, but not with your private ones.
UG (limited liability) : The same applies to the UG with limited liability. It is often referred to as the “little sister” of the GmbH. The reason for this is the significantly lower share capital of just one euro.
Note : A security company can in principle also be founded as a sole proprietorship or a GbR. At this point, however, we advise against it. Both legal forms are not limited in liability. This means: In the event of professional failure, you are not only liable with your business, but also with your private property. Since security is a relatively high-risk business, it is definitely better to choose a legal form with limited liability.

Always keep an eye on the target group

If you want to start a security company, you should be aware of the importance of defining a target group in advance. Ask yourself: Who do I want to address and to whom do I want to offer my services?

Is it supposed to be an event organizer and a discotheque operator? Or maybe rich people who want to know that their property is safe? Defining an audience is essential for several reasons:

  • You know exactly who you want to address
  • You can think about how you address these people
  • You can customize your services accordingly
  • You can position yourself clearly and become better known

Professional and serious demeanor: Indispensable if you want to start a security company

In order to land as many orders as possible right from the start, it is essential that you appear professional and serious. This is the only way you can gain the trust of your potential customers.

Security companies often find it difficult to position themselves in the market because the competition is already much better known and this alone attracts the orders. Don’t let this drag you down, stay on the ball. With very good work and the recommendations of your customers, you will gradually make a name for yourself and thereby expand your customer base.

Tip : Always have your target group in the back of your mind when you appear outwardly. Their needs and requirements will help you hit the right note and exude trust.


Keep your eyes open when choosing employees

It is possible to set up a security company on your own, but at the latest when the first orders come in, it should be clear: you will not be able to do it without a team. Unlike in many other industries, in security it is often necessary to hire staff shortly after the company is founded. The problem here: Not every applicant is suitable for the job as a security service employee and good final grades alone are not enough to assess their qualities.

When choosing your staff, extreme caution and a great deal of sensitivity are required. Pay particular attention to these points:

  • physical fitness
  • Confident demeanor and appearance
  • endurance
  • quick grasp
  • Resilience
  • Foreign language skills

In addition, it is absolutely legitimate to ask for a current police clearance certificate during the application process. This should of course not reveal a criminal past, but rather prove that the applicant has never been guilty of anything or has never come into conflict with the law.

When choosing your employees, however, it doesn’t just depend on the individual. It is also important that you always make sure that everyone in the team works and that they can work well together even in exceptional situations and under stress. With this guaranteed, you can be sure that your security company will be successful too.

The right space for a security company

Even if you and your employees will be out in the field very often, it is important that your security company is firmly established. Here you not only take care of organizational matters, but can also, for example, receive customers to discuss a new order.

The demands on office space for a security company are manageable. It is important that they are easily accessible by car and public transport and that they create an impression of trust. Shady rooms quickly cast a bad light on your company and can certainly ensure that an order goes through your fingers. On the whole, however, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a suitable office for your security company.

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