Easy Ways To Earn Free Dollars Online 2021

In this article, I’ll show you the # 7 easy way to get free money online.

In addition to the methods, you will also discover tactics that you can apply immediately and see the results. I know this sounds very attractive, and if you have a higher “alert sensor” like me, that statement is somehow a lie. But believe me, some of the things I’m going to teach you today are strategies that I use myself.


I will teach you the things I do to make money online.

  • I know some of you already know my story, otherwise check out my page.
  • You see, the work looks really cool and looks good. However, they are all short-lived and can fall off at any time.
  • It was then that I realized I wouldn’t be able to get a job.

7 Easy Ways To Earn Free Dollars Online

Affiliate Marketing
Listen to me before you stop.

You want to make money online for free, right? What if I told you that you could start making money from the next moment, would you believe me?

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that if you have a reliable internet connection, you can do so from anywhere in the world.

For example:

If you are here in Kenya, you can participate in affiliate programs from almost anywhere in the world (except for those who do not accept Kenyans).

Thanks to the internet.

To get free dollars in Kenya, follow these steps:

  • For example, electronics, e-books, commerce, etc. Choose a suitable product for your promotions.
  • Join affiliate programs that offer programs like Amazon Associates or KingFin
  • Get your link and start sharing. You may need to create a blog to get the best results
  • Create a PayPal or Skrill account to receive payments
  • Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. The best part? The start is completely free.
  • We sell social media management services

Selling services is another easy way to make money online for free.

For example:

You can sell this service online if you have the skills to manage social media accounts.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for professionals like you to help them manage social accounts.

Here, your work revolves around creating content, updating accounts, and interacting with followers (responding to messages and comments) on social media.

Why is it free?

Posting to Facebook was free when I checked recently.

Also, use the free version of scheduling tools like Buffer and HootSuite to help distribute content across all platforms.

Write and publish a Kindle e-book
Kindle is the largest electronic library in the world owned by Amazon. The store attracts thousands of readers every day who are looking for the next best book to read.

there he is:

Writing an eBook is completely free. All you have to do is run a comprehensive survey and register.
Once you have your eBook upload it to the Kindle Store and wait for it to go on sale.
I know it sounds easy, but it isn’t.
Fortunately, there is a way around this.


The only way to guarantee the sale of an e-book is to write what people want to read.

You can find out what people want by:

  • With online tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planners, and more, you can understand current topics and what people are searching for online.
  • The best tool of all is ReplyThePublic.com. As the name suggests, the tool collects the questions people ask on the web. All you have to do is enter a keyword and the tool reveals hundreds of questions asked on the topic.
  • While writing can be time consuming, you don’t need any fancy tools.

Use Google DOC, MS Word or Canva to write an ebook. Make sure to save the final draft as a PDF.

Ultimately, you realize that the only thing you spend is your time.

Check websites and apps for bucks

Every time a company creates an app or website, it needs feedback in order to first understand what works and what doesn’t.

Contact an online community like User Testing for comments.

These platforms include thousands of real people who test and review websites for money.

The best part?

These platforms are constantly looking for members to join their community because the more reviews they get, the more credible they are.

All you have to do is open an account with them. You might be asked the first questions, don’t worry, because all of these things help you understand better and provide you with a great place in their community.

Once accepted, you will start accepting assignments. Complete it and get free bucks.

Note that you don’t have to pay anything to call. If someone charges a registration fee, it is likely a scam.


How much can you earn?

Expect to earn more than $ 20 for a 10-minute assignment, depending on the mission and the duration.

Online surveys
Another easy way to make money online for free is to take online surveys.

All you need here is your opinion and a good internet connection.

Like app and site reviews, surveys are a way for brands to understand their target markets and, hopefully, develop products that meet their unique needs.

As you already know, getting this type of feedback means a lot to businesses. And they are willing to pay the best money to get real feedback.

There are several discovery platforms that companies contract to handle the entire process on their behalf. These sites include GeoPoll.

but there is a problem.

While companies pay a lot of money for polls, only some of them go in your pocket.


How is this possible?

As you know, the more data a survey obtains, the better the chance of obtaining accurate results that can be used in making decisions.

You need a larger audience to get great answers. And every participant should gain something from this.

Think for a second, if you were to pay $ 100 per answer, you need billions of dollars to get enough information, which is not commercially reasonable.

In short, don’t expect to get rich from online surveys. However, there is definitely a way to get free bucks online.


How to earn free money on sites?

Ideally, Google will pay you to run ads on your site. Here you get free dollars every time someone clicks on these ads.

To attract traffic and increase your profits;

Share your content widely on social media
Join the groups your target audience hangs with. If you have been blogging about women’s fashion, join women’s groups.
Collaborate with other bloggers
While Blogger.com is best for making money on a site with AdSense, there are other free platforms with which you can create free sites:

  • wordpress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org)
  • wix.com
  • medium.com
  • Acrobat .com
  • While many of them have some limitations, there are other ways to earn money.

For example, remember the e-book you made above, and sell it for free on your blog.


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