Do as a Freelancer translation and get income

Where should the services of a freelance translator be provided?

You will need to register with certain platforms to increase your visibility and increase your reputation. These will help you introduce yourself. For this, you can register on platforms such as:

  1. Fiverr: This is a global platform where many freelancers offer their services. It can be accessed by people in different countries. It is a site where suppliers and customers can meet. The services provided there are available from $ 5. The price may increase depending on the services requested. Anyone can register on this platform (buyer or seller). Each service offered is divided into different categories.
  2. com: is a site that allows internet users to offer and access various types of microservices. It is a French alternative to Fiverr. The price applicable to this platform is 5 euros. This price does not include bank charges and VAT. This site provides access to 3 payment methods (MangoPay, PayPal, SEPA Transfer).
  3. UpWork: American recruitment platform. Facilitates conversation between freelancers and clients. Transactions with people you trust are permitted. It is a safe site.
  4. Textmaster: This is the first high-quality online professional translation service. On this site, translators are paid for every word. Makes it easy to find clients, find invoices and edit text. It can be accessed in more than 50 languages. There are many specialists in translation and writing. On this platform, high-quality translations are rewarded at attractive rates.
  5. Malt: This is a new version of Hopwork. It is easy to contact freelancers and for free through this site. This platform has similarities with LinkedIn. When registering on this site, you must properly complete your profile. It will also be necessary to create a portfolio and succinctly introduce your skills. This platform gets 10% HT on every assignment.

How to maintain an enjoyable income generation?

There are many assignments for translators on the Internet. The number of translators specializing in the translation sector is increasing. That’s why it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. For this, you will need to learn how to name yourself.

When you can find a client, follow your own path to meet their expectations. If you make a good impression, you can build your own client base. As a matter of fact, a satisfied customer will always contact you in the future. They can even recommend you to other clients.

Take advantage of social media. Create a professional page and encourage your customers to leave their reviews. Do your best to enter the translation field. A translation career can generate an interesting income. To take advantage of this, you will need to perform your tasks properly. Make sure:

  • Your prints are always of good quality. Feel free to re-read your messages several times before handing them over. Stay tuned for every mistake. Make sure to discover errors that can interfere with your content.
  • Delivery times are respected. Make sure your translations are always delivered on time. This will help you protect your customers and maintain their confidence.

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