Choose a computer tray and power source in 2021

Computer selection, 2021 + TOP-6 price quality

Computer in the Shopping Cart How to choose a good computer at a reasonable price? How to make a cheap gaming computer? Which components to choose and from which manufacturer are the most reliable? How to buy the right computer and what should receive special attention?

The article explains the principles of choosing a modern PC and finally includes the configurations (assemblies) of the best budget, universal PCs and games of 2021, the priorities are high reliability, low price and minimal operating noise.

Choose a computer manufacturer

Dedicated kit for computers (for example in Zelman Z11-NEO) bespoke component or personal computer. It is recommended that you order assembly from this store or a reputable person. Since not all of the necessary components are in stock, it is best to wait for them for a few days and not purchase something “old”. On request, it is important to explain to the administrator or installer what you expect from your new computer, not how much you would expect, because an inexpensive, universal AMD-based solution is usually sufficient for a second-rate girl, but this option is unlikely. For lovers of modern games.

Pros: The ability to choose computer specifications and designs based on your needs and preferences.
The negatives: The correct choice of components, the build quality and reliability of the computer depends greatly on the qualifications of the installer.

Assemble the computer yourself It is strongly recommended that you do this only if you are confident in your basic knowledge and skills, because a person without the slightest experience has a lot of room for errors: starting from a mistake or starting from an option is not quite right. A combination of components and accidents such as “the screwdriver fell on the motherboard and some small parts fell”. Mistakes can easily eliminate 5-10% of saved computer cost, and returning an incorrectly or defective product to a retailer after unpacking can be problematic.

Pros: such as assembly to order, but also at the lowest possible price and the confidence that “everything is assembled perfectly as it is made by itself”.
Cons: In the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, the probability of getting an unstable system or making fatal errors is high.

Factory installed computer (famous international or domestic brand). It would seem that in this case everything is just a matter of cost, since the performance in this variant depends almost linearly on the price – the higher the computer, the more powerful it is. To simplify the task even further, stores often offer some form labels such as “best gaming computer”, “personal computer for work and study”, “best for home computers”, and “best multimedia computer”, thus the potential buyer should Thinking of it I didn’t, they could add a “multiply winter sales 2020/2021” sign – that is. Buy and take! Of course, you should not pay attention to such marketing chips, and it is also recommended that you learn a little about the computer before purchasing.

Relative ease of selection, build quality, often high reliability and quiet operation.
Minuses: the inability to change the initial configuration, the high price and modest performance of the compact PC; Even some good manufacturers’ models have a very weak cooling system.

Most buyers choose the first or second option.

Setting goals and financial capabilities

As everyone knows, happiness is not in money, but in quantity, so computers are conventionally divided into 4 groups:
Up to $ 300 – entry level (budget computers). The computers in this group are designed for simple tasks – working with texts, the Internet, watching videos, simple games like “Zuma” and some modern games with minimal quality settings. They are generally used for office work, but more convenient and inexpensive laptops have recently been favored.
$ 300-1000 USD – mid-range (universal computers, but also cheap and medium-sized gaming PCs). The biggest part is the processing power of processors and the capabilities of video cards for computers in this group are sufficient not only for simple tasks, but also for the most powerful resource-intensive programs, they usually allow you to play modern games at an average level. And the maximum quality settings. Best choice for most home users.
Over $ 1000 – Highest Standard (Powerful Gaming PCs). The personal computers in this group have the best performance, as they can handle modern tasks and new, more difficult games at extreme and high quality settings, but the payoff is the high cost as well as the frequent increased noise of the cooling system. It makes sense to buy only if games with maximum quality settings occupy a very important place in life.
Private computers. This group includes PCs for engineers, video editors, and enthusiasts who are individually chosen for specific tasks, but often the whole customer ‘brainstorm’ comes to installing the best commercially available processor and video card in the computer, and the RAM occupies all the empty slots – “just in case” , this is not enough “.

Choose a computer tray and power source

The power supply usually comes with a box, so when choosing one we choose the other, but no one forbids purchasing the power supply and computer case separately.

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